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SSE Suomen Säätöenergia Oy focuses on renewable bioenergy and flexible storage of renewable electricity. This is our contribution to achieving the carbon neutrality goal of Net Zero.

The EU is committed to carbon neutrality by 2050 – and Finland already by 2035. This requires a transition to clean and renewable sources in industrial raw materials and heavy transport fuels. Here, energy wood and wind power play a key role.

The goal of SSE Suomen Säätöenergia Oy’s strategy is to find industrial solutions that curb climate change, the effects of which can already be measured in the 2020s.

We are developing a network of facilities where forest chips and energy wood are pre-treated and further processed into synthesis gas. The plants also produce electrolytic hydrogen using wind and solar electricity. These produce clean raw materials and fuels for industry and shipping.

Our business strategy is based on strong networks. Achieving Net Zero is a team effort, but the actions of the participating companies and society are decisive.


Combining electrolytic and wood biomass gasification is a project of paramount importance as part of the national and international hydrogen economy based on renewable and clean energy.

There is strong expertise in plant technology and plant design and manufacturing in Finland. Especially with regard to gasification technology, the international market leaders of the field have located already in Finland.

Design and industrial manufacturing of plants as well as plant installations create strong demand for the engineering and technology industry. International demand for the plant concept has also been identified.

  • Our technology combines the production and further processing of electrolytic hydrogen and high-refining synthesis gas into pure methanol, which acts as a hydrogen carrier.

  • We create a new kind of solution for the storage and further use of cleanly produced electricity

  • We offer a renewable, carbon-neutral raw material for the chemical industry

  • We promote the transition towards a carbon-neutral society

  • We use new solutions in plant technology that have not been used in Finland before


SSE is creating a network of bioterminals in the Eastern Lake District and Central Finland regions. In the network’s facilities, pre-treated wood-based biomass is used as input for thermal gasification. The gasification gas is cleaned and the synthesis gas formed in this way can be used in the production of control power or refined further.

From the synthesis gas, it is possible to further refine, for example, biomethanol for industrial needs and it can be mixed with transport fuels. Electrolytic hydrogen produced with electricity from wind and solar power plants can also be used in further processing.

The gasification of wood-based biomass and the production of electrolytic hydrogen are integrated into methanol synthesis. Thanks to the integration, the production volume and efficiency of biomethanol will increase. In this way, renewable electricity and wood-based biomass can also be utilized in shipping and the manufacture of plastic products. The placement of the network’s facilities also takes into account the utilization of process waste heat as part of regional district heat production or in plant-specific heat production.

SSE’s team has long-term and diverse experience in planning and implementing various projects, guaranteeing solid expertise in project management of large international companies and the success of domestic regional development projects and project deliveries. An important part of the team’s competence is also knowledge of legislative work and an understanding of the impact of regulation on business operations.

The business of the company’s partner companies includes importation, project management and business management consulting

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